How much is shipping cost from China to Australia?

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When you import from China to Australia, how much is the shipping cost from door to door?

That is not difficult as you can get the answer from DAKA International Transport Company Ltd.

We specialize in international shipping service from China to Australia by sea and air for over 7 years

In order to quote the shipping cost, we need to get below information:

1.What are the products? And how many packages and each package’s size and weight?

Usually before you put an order, you can let your Chinese factory estimate how they will make packages (in cartons or in pallets) and get each package’s size and weight. Approximate data is fine.

2.What is the address in China and in Australia?

Detailed address can assist us a lot when we quote shipping cost

After you answered the above two questions, we can suggest the best shipping way and quote shipping cost for your reference. Then you can decide if it is profitable to import from China

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