China To UK

DAKA Transport Company, founded in 2016, is an international shipping group. We cooperated with over 20 vessel owners and 15 top air companies. The vessel owners include OOCL, MSK, YML,EMC, PIL etc. And the airlines are BA, CA, CZ,TK, UPS, FedEx and DHL etc. We also have professional overseas UK agent teams, which are the old hands at UK customs clearance and UK inland delivery. 

The biggest advantage of our company is door to door shipping by sea and by air from China to UK including customs clearance in both countries.

Monthly we will ship from China to the UK about 600 containers by sea and about 100 tons of cargo by air. Since it was established, our company has achieved good cooperation with more than 1000 UK clients by fast, reliable and high quality door to door shipping service at reasonable price.

For sea cargo, we have two shipping ways from China to UK. One is FCL shipping in 20FT/40FT container. Another is LCL shipping .FCL shipping is short for Full Container Load shipping and it is used when you have enough cargo for a whole 20ft/40ft. When your cargo is not enough for a whole container, we can ship it out by LCL, which means shipping by sharing a container with others.

For air shipping from China to UK, it can be divided into shipping by the airline company like BA/CA/CZ/MU, and shipping by express like UPS/DHL/FedEx.

FCL shipping is short for Full Container Load shipping.

It means we ship your cargo in full container including 20ft and 40ft container. The 20ft container size is 6meter*2.35meter*2.39meter(length*width*height), about 28cubic meter. And the 40ft container size is 12meter*2.35meter*2.69meter(length*width*height), about 60cubic meter. In FCL shipping we coordinate with your Chinese factory to ship out the products in a whole container from China to UK. Door to door is our most common and experienced FCL shipping way. We can handle all the process from door to door smoothly including container loading in Chinese factories /Chinese customs clearance /ocean freight/UK customs clearance /UK inland container delivery to door etc.

LCL shipping is short for Less than Container Load shipping.

It means that we will consolidate different customers’ products into one container. Different clients share the same container for shipping from China to the UK. This practice is more in line with economic interests.
For example, If you have 4cubic meter and 800kilograms of clothes to be shipped from China to UK, it is too expensive to ship by air and is too small to use one whole container. So LCL shipping is the best way.

One air shipping way is by express like DHL/Fedex/UPS.

When your shipment is very small like less than 10 kilograms, we would like to suggest you to ship it with our DHL/FedEx/UPS account. We have larger quantities so DHL/FedEx/UPS give us a better price. There are many advantages of express delivery. Firstly the transit time is shorter. According to our experience, the fastest transit time is about 3 days from China to UK. Secondly it can deliver goods to your door in UK with customs clearance included. Thirdly the consignee can trace the cargo in real-time from express websites. At last, all the express has their sound compensation terms. If the goods were broken in transit, the express company will compensate the client. So you don’t need to worry about the goods even if it is the fragile products, like lights and vases.

Another way by air is shipping with airline company, like British Airways, CA, TK etc

For larger shipments over 200kgs,we suggest shipping by airline instead of by express because shipping by airline is cheaper whereas with almost same transit time .
However the airline company is only responsible for air shipping from airport to airport and you need a shipping agent like DAKA to make door to door possible. DAKA international transport company can pick up the cargo from Chinese factory to Chinese airport and make Chinese customs clearance before airplane depart. Also DAKA can make UK customs clearance and send the cargo from UK airport to consignee’s door after airplane arrive.