Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a very professional service which DAKA can provide and can be pround of.

DAKA International Transport is licensed customs broker in China with AA leval. Also we cooperated with professional and experienced customs broker in Australia/ USA/ UK for years.

Customs clearance service is a very key factor to distinguish different shipping companies to see if they are competitive in the market.  High quality shipping company must have professional and experienced customs clearance team.

Take China for example, Chinese government distinguish all customs brokers into 5 levels including AA ,A ,B,C, D. The Chinese government make very few customs checks on the products declared by AA customs broker. However if you choose a customs broker of D level, it means there is great posssibility that the Chinese customs will open your packages and check if the products are legal. When we met customs inspection, it means with much possibility that your shipment may not catch the vessel and cause a lot of extra charges.

A good customs borker is not just submitting docs to customs system.  Even before you start importing from China, you need to ask your customs borker if these products are legal to import or if any special license or permit required. For example when we ship from China to AU, if the products or the packages contain raw wood, we need to get fumigation certificate before it enters into Australia

If unluck and there is customs inspection, a good customs clearance broker should monitor the process and coordinate with customs officer timely.  A good customs broker should be professional and experienced when customs officers ask questions. A good answer to customs officer can avoid the cargo to get into next trouble like X-ray check or container-open check, which will cause further extra charges like port storage fee, vessel change fee etc

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