China To USA

We can ship from China to USA door to door both by sea and by air with Chinese and American customs clearance included.

Especially when Amazon develop very last in the past years, we can ship directly from factory in China to Amazon warehouse in USA.

Shipping by sea to USA can be divided into FCL shipping and LCL shipping .

Shipping by air to USA can be divided into by express and by airline company.

FCL shipping means that we ship in full containers including 20ft/40ft . We use a 20ft/40ft container to load products in China and consignee in USA will receive the 20ft/40ft with products inside. After USA consignee unload the products from the container, we will return the empty container back to USA port.

LCL shipping means that when one customer’s cargo is not enough for a whole container , we will consolidate different customers’ products in one 20ft/40ft. Different customers share a container for shipping from China to USA.

One way of shipping by air is by express like DHL/Fedex/UPS. When your shipment is very small like 1kg, it is impossible to book space with airline company . We would like to suggest you to ship it with our DHL/Fedex/UPS account. We have larger quantity so DHL/Fedex/UPS give us better price . That is why our customer find it cheaper to ship with us via our DHL/Fedex/UPS account. Normally when your shipment is less than 200kgs, we would like to suggest to ship by express.

Another way of by air is shipping with airline company, which is different from shipping by express. For larger shipment over 200kgs, we would suggest to ship by airline company instead of by express.
Airline company is only responsible for air shipping from airport to airport. They will not make Chinese/American customs clearance and will not offer door to door service. So you need to find a shipping agent like DAKA International Transport Company.