AU FCL Shipping By Sea


When you have enough cargo to load in a whole container, we can ship it for you from China to Australia by FCL. FCL is short for Full Container Loading.

Normally we use three types of container. That is 20GP(20ft), 40GP and 40HQ . 40GP and 40HQ can also be called 40ft container.

Below is the inner size(length*width*height), weight(kgs) and volume(cubic meter) that 20ft/40ft can load

Container type Length*width*height(meter) Weight(kgs) Volume(cubic meter)
20GP(20ft) 6m*2.35m*2.39m About 26000kgs About 28cubic meter
40GP 12m*2.35m*2.39m About 26000kgs About 60cubic meter
40HQ 12m*2.35m*2.69m About 26000kgs About 65cubic meter






How do we handle FCL shipping ?


1. Booking space: We get cargo information from customers and book a 20ft/40ft space with vessel owner.

2. Container loading: We pick up the empty container from Chinese port and send the empty container to factory for container loading .( This is main container loading way. Another way is that factories send products to our Chinese warehouse and we load containers there). After container loading ,we will truck the container back to port.

3. Chinese customs clearance: We will prepare Chinese customs docs and make Chinese customs clearance.

4. Getting on board: After Chinese customs release, the port will get the container onto vessel.

5. Australian customs clearance: After vessel depart from China, we will coordinate with our AU team to prepare AU customs clearance docs. Then our AU colleagues will contact consignee to make AU customs clearance.

6. AU inland delivery to door: After vessel arrive ,we will deliver the container to consignee’s door in Australia. Before we deliver, we will confirm the delivery date with consignee so that they can prepare for unloading. After consignee unloaded the cargo, we will truck the empty container back to AU port.

*Above is only for general products shipping. If your products require quarantine/fumigation etc, we will add these steps and handle accordingly

When you buy from different suppliers in China and cargo from all factories together can meet a 20ft/40ft ,you can still use FCL shipping . Under this situation, we will let all your suppliers send products to our Chinese warehouse and then our warehouse will load the container by ourselves. Then we will do as the above and ship the container to your door in Australia.

booking space

1. Booking  

2 container loading

2. Container Loading

3 Chinese customs

3. Chinese customs clearance

4  getting on board

4. Getting on board

5.AU customs clearance

5. AU customs clearance

6.FCL delivery

6. FCL delivery to door in Australia

FCL shipping time and cost

How long is for the transit time for FCL shipping from China to Australia ?
And how much is the price for FCL shipping from China to Australia?

The transit time will depend on which address in China and which address in Australia
The price is related how many products you need to ship.

To answer the above two question clearly, we need below information :

1.What is your Chinese factory address ? (if you don’t have a detailed address, a rough city name is ok)

2.What is your Australian address with AU post code?

3.What are the products ? (As we need to check if we can ship these products . Some products may container dangerous items which can be not shipped.)

4. Packaging information : How many packages and what is the total weight(kilograms) and volume(cubic meter) ?  Rough data is fine.

Would you like to fill below online form so that we can quote FCL shipping cost from China to AU for your kind reference ?

Few tips before you use FCL shipping

Before you decide FCL shipping, you need to check with your shipping agent like DAKA if there is enough cargo for 20ft/40ft to minimize the shipping cost. When you use FCL, we charge the same no matter how much cargo you load in the container.

Loading enough products in the container means lower average shipping cost on each product.

And also you need to consider if your destination address has enough place to hold a container.  In Australia many customers live in non-business area and a container can not be delivered to.  In that case when container arrive at AU port , the container need to be sent to our AU warehouse for unpacking and then deliver in loose packages via normal trucking. But this will cost more than sending a container directly to an AU address.