How will weight and size affect shipping cost from China to Australia?

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When we ship products from China to Australia, how will weight and size affect shipping cost ?

Different weight(kgs) means different shipping price per kg. Take air shipping for example.

If you ship 1kg from China to Australia, it will cost about USD25 which is equal to USD25/kg . If you ship 10kgs from China to Australia, the price is USD150 that is USD15/kg.

However if you ship 100kgs, the price is around USD6/kg.

More weight means cheaper shipping price per kg

The size will affect shipping cost too.

For example if you have two boxes to be shipped from China to Australia.

Box A is 10kgs and the size is 20cm*20cm*20cm(length*width*height).

Box B is 10kgs too but the size is 100cm*100cm*100cm (length*width*height).

Of course box B will cost more than Box A

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