China To Australia

We ship cargo from China to Australia daily.  Monthly we ship about 900 containers by sea and about 150tons of cargo by air.

By sea can be divided into by FCL and by LCL.

By FCL means that we ship your products in a separate 20ft or 40ft container. FCL is short for Full Container Loading. When your products are in big quantities, we will ship by FCL… View More

By LCL means that we ship we ship your products via sharing a container with others . LCL is short for Less than Container Loading. When your products are in small quantity and are not enough for a container, we can ship by LCL…View More

By Air can be divided into by air with airline company and by express like DHL/Fedex etc.  When we ship with airline company, we will book space on the airplane directly.  When we ship by express, we send your cargo under our DHL/Fedex account. As we have large quantity, we have good contracting rates with DHL/Fedex etc…View More