AU LCL Shipping By Sea

What is LCL shipping ?

LCL shipping is short for Less than Container Loading. It means you share a container with others from China to Australia when your cargo is not enough for a whole container. LCL is very suitable for small shipment when you do not want to pay very high air shipping cost. Our company start from LCL shipping so we are very Professional and experienced.

LCL shipping means we put different customers’ products in one container. After vessel arrive at Australia, we will unpack the container and separate cargo in our AU warehouse. Normally when we use LCL shipping , we charge customers according to cubic meter ,which means how much space of container your shipment take up.


How we handle LCL shipping?


1. Cargo entry into warehouse: We get products from different customers into our Chinese warehouse. For each customer’s products , we will have a unique entry number so that we can distinguish.

2. Chinese customs clearance: We make Chinese customs clearance for each customer’s products seperately.

3. Container loading: After we got Chinese customs release, we will pick up the empty container from Chinese port and load different customers’ products in. Then we send the container back to Chinese port.

4. Vessel departure: The Chinese port staff will coordinate with vessel operator to get the container on board.

5. AU customs clearance: After vessel depart, we will coordinate with our AU team to prepare for AU customs clearance for each shipment in the container.

6. AU container unpacking: After vessel arrive at AU port, we will get the container to our AU warehouse. My AU team will unpack the container and separate each customer’s cargo.

7. AU inland delivery: Our AU team will contact consignee and deliver the cargo in loose packages.


1. Cargo entry into warehouse 


2. Chinese customs clearance


 3. Container loading 


4.Vessel departure

5 QG

5. AU customs clearance 

6 CG

 6. AU container unpacking


  7. AU inland delivery

LCL shipping time and cost

How long is for the transit time for LCL shipping from China to Australia ?
And how much is the price for LCL shipping from China to Australia?

The transit time will depend on which address in China and which address in Australia
The price is related how many products you need to ship.

To answer the above two question clearly, we need below information :

 What is your Chinese factory address ? (if you don’t have a detailed address, a rough city name is ok).

 What is your Australian address with AU post code?

 What are the products ? (As we need to check if we can ship these products . Some products may container dangerous items which can be not shipped.)

 Packaging information : How many packages and what is the total weight(kilograms) and volume(cubic meter) ?

Would you like to fill below online form so that we can quote LCL shipping cost from China to AU for your kind reference ?

Few Tips when we use LCL shipping

When you use LCL shipping, you’d better let your factory pack the products well.  If your products belongs to fragile products like glass, Led lights etc, you’d better let factory make pallets and put some soft material to stuff the package.

With pallets it can better protect products during container loading. Also when you get the products with pallets in Australia, you can easily store and move products via forklift.

Also I suggest that our AU customers let their Chinese factories put a shipping mark on the package when they use LCL shipping. As we put different customers’ products in a container, a clear shipping mark can be easily recognized and it can help us separate the cargo better when we unpack the container in Australia.

Good packaging for LCL shipping

Good packaging for LCL shipping

good shipping mark

Good shipping marks