USA FCL Shipping By Sea

What is FCL shipping ?

FCL shipping is short for Full Container Loading shipping.

In international shipping ,we use containers to load the products and then put the containers onto vessel. There are 20ft/40ft in FCL shipping. 20ft can be called as 20GP. 40ft can be divided into two types, one is 40GP and another is 40HQ.

How many products can a 20ft/40ft load ? Kindly check below

Container type Length*width*height(meter) Weight(kgs) Volume(cubic meter)
20GP(20ft) 6m*2.35m*2.39m About 26000kgs About 28cubic meter
40GP 12m*2.35m*2.39m About 26000kgs About 60cubic meter
40HQ 12m*2.35m*2.69m About 26000kgs About 65cubic meter

Below are the pictures for 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ

When your cargo is enough for a 20ft/40ft, we suggest you to choose FCL shipping by sea as this is the cheapest way.  Also when we load all your products in a container and send the container to your door in USA, it can better let the products arrive safely.







How do we handle FCL shipping ?


1. Booking space: We book space with vessel owner . After vessel owner release space , they will issue shipping order confirmation letter (We called it SO). With SO, we can pick up the empty 20ft/40ft container from the container yard

2. Container loading: We truck the empty 20ft/40ft container to your Chinese factory for container loading. Another container loading way is that your Chinese factories send products to our Chinese warehouse and we load the container in our Chinese warehouse by ourselves. The second container loading way is very good when you buy products from different factroies and need to consolidate them in one container

3. Chinese Customs Clearance: After container loading is finished , we will make Chinese customs clearance for this container. We will coordinate with your Chinese factory directly to prepare all Chinese customs docs

4. AMS and ISF filing: When we ship to USA, we need to do AMS and ISF filing. This is unique for USA shipping as we have no need to do it when we ship to other countries. We can file AMS directly. For the ISF filing, we usually make ISF docs well and send the information to our USA team. Then our USA team will coordinate with consignee to do ISF filing

5. On board: When we finished the above work, we can send instruction to vessel owner who will get container onto vessel and ship it from China to USA as per schedule.

6. USA customs clearance: After vessel depart from China, we will communicate with our USA team to prepare for USA customs clearance.

7. USA inland delivery to door: After vessel arrive at USA port, our USA agent will keep consignee updated .Then we will book a delivery date  and truck the container to consignee’s door . After consignee unload all products, we will return the empty container to USA port as containers belong to vessel owner

1 Booking space

1. Booking Space

2.Container loading

2. Container Loading

3.Chinese cusutoms clearance

3. Chinese customs clearance

4. AMS and ISF filing

4. AMS and ISF filing

5.On board

5. On board

6.USA customs clearance

6. USA customs clearance

7.USA inland delivery to door

7. USA inland delivery to door

FCL shipping time and cost

How long is for the transit time for FCL shipping from China to USA?
And how much is the price for FCL shipping from China to USA?

The transit time will depend on which address in China and which address in USA
The price is related how many products you need to ship.

To answer the above two question clearly, we need below information :

1.What is your Chinese factory address ? (if you don’t have a detailed address, a rough city name is ok)

2.What is your USA address with USA post code?

3.What are the products ? (As we need to check if we can ship these products . Some products may container dangerous items which can be not shipped.)

4. Packaging information : How many packages and what is the total weight(kilograms) and volume(cubic meter) ? Rough data is fine.

Would you like to fill below online form so that we can quote FCL shipping cost from China to USA for your kind reference ?