USA AIR Shipping

DAKA International Transport Company handled many air shipments from China to USA door to door. A lot of samples need to be shipped by air. Also for some big orders when customers need it urgently, we will ship by air.

International by air from China to USA can be divided into two ways. One way is shipping by air with express company like DHL/Fedex/UPS . We call it by express. Another way is shipping by air with airline company like CA,TK, PO etc. We call it by airline.

Shipping by express is usually for small orders less than 200kgs.  First we need to open an account with the express company like DHL/Fedex/UPS . Then you need to send the cargo to the Chinese warehouse of DHL/Fedex/UPS . Then the express company will ship the cargo to your door in USA with customs clearance included.  This shipping way is very easy but the price is very expensive.  But if you have cargo to be shipped by express in very much frequency, you can ask a discount of DHL/Fedex/UPS.  Because our company has hundreds of shipments to be shipped by express daily, we get very good price from DHL/Fedex/UPS.  That is why our customers find it cheaper to ship by express with DAKA than the price they got directly from DHL/Fedex/UPS.

Also when you ship by express with DAKA, we can pick up the cargo from your Chinese factory to the Chinese warehouse of DHL/Fedex/UPS. We can also help in preparing customs docs and coordinating between the express company and your Chinese factory.

The second way of shipping by air is by airline. But Airline company like CA,CZ,TK ,PO can only ship the cargo from airport to airport . They can not do it from door to door . When you ship from China to USA by airline, you need to send products to Chinese airport and finish Chinese customs clearance before airplane depart . Also you need pick up the products from USA airport and finish USA customs clearance after airplane arrive.

So when you ship with airline company, you need find a shipping agent like DAKA so that door to door shipping can be achieved. What DAKA will do to handle shipping by airline ? Kindly check below.

How do we handle shipping by airline


1. Space booking: We will book space with airline company . After we got space confirmation , we will send warehouse entry notice to your Chinese factory so that they can send products to our Chinese airport warehouse.

2. Chinese customs clearance: We will make Chinese customs clearance after we receive the products in our Chinese airport warehouse.

3. AMS filing: We will file AMS before airplane depart China.

4. Airplane departure: After we finished Chinese customs clearance and AMS filing , we will send instruction to airline company so that they can get cargo onto airplane and ship it out by air from Chinese airport to USA airport.

5. USA customs clearance: After airplane depart from China and before airplane arrive at USA airport, we will coordinate with our USA team to prepare USA customs docs. Our USA team will contact consignee to make USA customs clearance when airplane arrive.

6. Delivery to door: Our USA term will pick up the cargo from airport and deliver it to consignee’s door.

1Space booking

1. Booking space

2 Chinese customs clearance

2. Chinese customs clearance

3 AMS filing

3. AMS filing

4 Airplane departure

4. Airplane departure

5 USA customs clearance

5. USA customs clearance

6 Delivery to door

6. Delivery to door

AIR shipping time and cost

How long is for the transit time for air shipping from China to USA?
And how much is the price for air shipping from China to USA?

The transit time will depend on which address in China and which address in USA
The price is related how many products you need to ship.

To answer the above two question clearly, we need below information :

①. What is your Chinese factory address? (if you don’t have a detailed address, a rough city name is ok).

②. What is your USA address with USA post code?

③. What are the products? (As we need to check if we can ship these products . Some products may container dangerous items which can be not shipped.)

④. Packaging information: How many packages and what is the total weight(kilograms) and volume(cubic meter)?

Would you like to fill below online form so that we can quote air shipping cost from China to USA for your kind reference ?