Shipping to USA Amazon

Shipping to USA Amazon can be both by sea and by air . For sea shipping we can use FCL and LCL shipping. For air shipping we can ship to Amazon both by express and by airline.

There are 3 main difference when we ship to Amazon:

1. Amazon can not work as consignee on all shipping or customs docs. According to US customs law, Amazon is just a platform and not the real consignee. So Amazon can not work as consignee to pay USA duty/tax when cargo arrive at USA. Even though when there is no duty/tax to be paid , Amazon still can not work as consignee. This is because when some illegal products come to USA, Amazon is not the one who imported these products so Amazon will not take the responsibility. For all shipments to Amazon, the consignee on all shipping/customs docs must be a real company in USA who actually import.

2. Amazon shipping label is required before we send products to Amazon. So when we start shipping from China to USA Amazon, it is better that you create the Amazon shipping label in your Amazon shop and sent it to your Chinese factory. So that they can put the shipping label onto boxes . That is something we need to do before we start shipping.

3. After we finish USA customs clearance and get ready for delivering the cargo to USA amazon, we need to book delivery with Amazon. Amazon is not a private place that can accept your products anytime. Before we make delivery, we need to book with Amazon. That is why when our customers ask us when we can deliver the cargo to Amazon, I would like say it is about May 20th(fox example) but subject to final confirm with Amazon.

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