Warehousing /Repacking /Fumigation etc in our China/AU/USA/UK warehouse

Short Description:

DAKA has warehouse in both China and AU/USA/UK. We can provide warehousing/rapacking/labeling/fumigation etc in our warehouse. Till now DAKA has warehouse of more than 20000(twenty thousand) square meters.



 Warehousing is another international shipping related service provided by DAKA . It can make our shipping service more felexible.  DAKA has about one thousand square meter of warehouse in each main port of China. Also we have overseas warehouse in Australia/ USA/ UK.

For example, when you buy different products from different suppliers in China, you can let all your suppliers send products to our warehouse. We can provide storage and ship all together at one time to save money , which is much more cheaper than shipping separately.  

Warehousing can also let DAKA provide some extra but very essential service to our customers.  We can provide repackaging/labeling/fumigation in our warehouse.

Sometimes factories pack the products in a very bad way or in a way that is not good for international shipping.  We can repack the cargo in our Chinese warehouse under this circumstance.  

Sometimes the buyers in Australia/ USA/ UK do not want to release their factory information to their end customers, we can change the package in our warehouse to hide real factory information. We can also put labels onto the products as per customers’ request .  

If the products or packaging contain raw wood, we need to make fumigation in our Chinese warehouse and issue fumigation certificate before we ship them from China to Australia/ USA/ UK.








Fumigation Certificate

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