Shipping ways from China to Australia

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Hello everyone.

This is Robert from DAKA International Transport Company

Our business is international shipping service from China to Australia by sea and by air. 

Today we talk about shipping ways. There are two ways of shipping from China to Australia: by sea and by air. By air can be divided into by express and by airline. By sea can be divided into by FCL and LCL. 

By express

If your cargo is very small like 5 kgs or 10 kgs or 50 kgs, we would suggest you to ship by express like DHL or Fedex. Our company ship thousands of cargo by express monthly. So we have very good contracting rate. That's why our customers find it cheaper to ship with us by express than to ship with DHL or FedEx directly. 

By airline

if your cargo is more than 200 kgs and it's very urgent,we would suggest you to ship by airline. By airline means that we book space directly on the airplane which is cheaper than shipping by express. 

By Sea

By sea can be divided into by FCL and by LCL. By FCL means we ship all your products in a whole container like 20 feet container or 40 feet container. But if your cargo is not enough for a whole container, we can ship by sea via sharing a container with our other Australian customers. We cooperated with a lot of Australian buyers so we can organize LCL shipping weekly from China to Australia 

Okay and that's all for today.For more information, please visit our website Thank you


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