What’s your shipping price from China to Australia?

Many customers contact us and would ask immediately what's your shipping price from China to Australia? well that's very difficult to answer if we don't have any information

Actually shipping price is not like a product price that can be quoted immediately
shipping price is affected by many factors . Actually price in different month is a little different

In order for us to quote shipping cost ,we need to know below information

First, the address in China. China is very large. Shipping cost from Northwest China

to Southeast China can cause a lot of money. So we need to know the exact Chinese address. If you didn't put on an order with a Chinese factory and don't know the Chinese address
you can let us quote from our Chinese warehouse address

Secondly, the Australian address. Some places in Australia are very remote like

Darwin in the north. Shipping to Darwin is much more expensive than shipping to Sydney.

So it would be great that you can provide an Australian address.

Thirdly the weight and volume of your products. This will not only affect the total amount

but also it will affect the price per kilogram. For example, if you ship 1 kg from China to Sydney by air, it will cost about 25USD we can say 25USD per kilogram. But if you should 10 kgs the total amount is around 150USD that is 15USD per kilogram. If you ship 100 kilograms,the price can be around 6USD per kilogram . If you ship 1,000 kgs we would suggest you to ship by sea and the price can be even lower than 1USD per kilogram.

Not only the weight but also the size will affect shipping cost. For example there are two boxes with same weight of 5kgs, one box size is very small like a shoe box and another box is very large like a suitcase. Of course, the bigger size box will cost more on shipping cost

Okay that's all for today.

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Thank you

Post time: Apr-01-2024