How we consolidate different products in one shipment ?

If a foreign customer in Australia or USA or UK need to buy products from different Chinese factories, what is their best way to ship?  Of course the cheapest way is they consolidate different products into one shipment and ship all together in one shipment 

DAKA International Transport Company has warehouse in each main port of China.  When overseas buyers tell us how many suppliers they wish to import, we would contact each supplier to find out the cargo details. We will then decide which port in China is best to ship . We decide the Chinese port mainly according to each factory’s address and the quantity of products in each factory. Hereafter we get all products into our Chinese warehouse and ship all as one shipment 

At the same time, DAKA team will get docs from each Chinese supplier. Docs include commercial invoice, packing list, packaging declaration etc.  DAKA will consolidate all docs in one set of document and then send the docs to consignee in AU/USA/UK for double confirm. Why do we need to confirm with overseas customers? This is mainly because the commercial invoice amount is related to cargo value which will affect duty/tax consignee need to pay in destination country. After we consolidate all docs together, customs can treat it as one shipment when we make customs clearance in China and AU/USA/UK. This can save customs clearance fee and doc fee for our customers. If we do not consolidate and submit several sets of docs to Chinese or Australian customs, not only it will increase cost but also it would increase the risk of customs inspection. 

When DAKA consolidate cargo from different suppliers, we will consolidate both cargo and doc as one shipment.     

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Post time: Sep-07-2023