How to ship by sea via sharing a container from China to Australia?

When you import from China to Australia, if your shipment is not enough for a whole container and it is too expensive to ship by air, what can we do ?

My best suggestion is to ship by sea from China to Australia via sharing a container with others

How do we operate?

First, we get your products into our Chinese warehouse .

Second, we load your products together with others’ into one container.

Third, we ship the container from China to Australia

Fourth, after container arrive, we will unpack the container in our Australian warehouse .

Fifth, we will separate each customer’s cargo in our AU warehouse and then deliver to your door in Australia.

Apart from loading different customers’ cargo into one container, we also help on the documents. We get document for each shipment and make Chinese and Australian customs clearance separately.

For more information pls visit our website or email us at or telephone/wechat/whatsapp us at +86 15018521480

Post time: Sep-27-2023