How to calculate total cost when you import from China to Australia

When you import from China to Australia, how to calculate total cost to see if it is profitable?

The cost you need to pay are as below :

1.Product cost paid to Chinese factory

2.Shipping cost from China to Australia

3.Australian duty/gst paid to AU customs or government

First, you can find the product cost on website like Made in China or Alibaba. The Chinese factories will quote you product price.

Second, you can find a shipping company like DAKA International Transport to get shipping cost from China to Australia. We specialize in international shipping service from China to Australia by sea and by air. According to your products, we can quote shipping cost door to door

Third, Australian duty and gst is paid to AU customs/government. DAKA International Transport Company can advise this cost based on your cargo value

So just two steps to get total cost for importing from China:

1 Find a product supplier

2 Find DAKA for shipping cost and Australian duty/gst.

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Post time: Oct-11-2023