How Are Air Freight Rates Calculated From China To Vietnam?

Among many freight transportation methods, air freight has won a considerable market with its advantages of speed, safety and punctuality, which greatly shortens the delivery time. For example, when exporting goods from China to Vietnam, some goods with high timeliness usually choose the way of air freight, but many people do not know how to quote air freight from China to Vietnam. Now, Focus Global Logistics is here to answer your questions.

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In the air transportation business, there are two weights: chargeable weight (CHARGABLE WEIGHT) and actual weight (GROSS WEIGHT). When the volume of your cargo is greater than the actual weight, it can be regarded as a light foam cargo. Generally speaking, there are two ways to calculate the air freight quotation of goods from China to Vietnam ——

1. Calculated according to the actual weight of the goods
2. Calculated according to the volume weight of the goods

First of all, Focus Global Logistics will weigh and measure the goods, calculate the actual weight and volume of the goods, and calculate the cost according to the principle of “the larger of the two”. When calculating, a cubic load of goods is counted as 167 kilograms, and if it is less than one kilogram, it will be rounded off according to the mantissa.

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When calculating the volumetric weight of air cargo, there are two calculation formulas——

1. Volume weight (kg) = length (CM) X width (CM) X height (CM)/6000
2. Volume weight (kg) = volume of cargo (CBM) X 167 kg

Generally, the first one is used more, and it is more standard.

However, when the airline measures the outer packaging, if the cargo has a protruding part, it will be calculated according to the length of the protruding part, that is to measure the longest, widest and highest part of the cargo, which may cause some small error. If there is any unclear place in this regard, it is recommended to consult a professional international freight forwarding company, such as Focus Global Logistics.

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If you are planning to export goods from China to Vietnam by air, then finding a professional international freight forwarding company is the first thing you should do. Shenzhen Focus Global Logistics Co., Ltd., with 21 years of industry experience, has been recognized by the market for its high-guaranteed and cost-effective cross-border logistics and transportation solutions. It can provide everyone with air transportation services from China to overseas. It can also provide Detailed international air freight quotation. If you have business needs, please feel free to contact us – TEL: 0755-29303225, E-mail:, and look forward to cooperating with you!

Post time: Mar-31-2023