? Question 1 : What is your business ?
Answer : 
*International shipping service from China to Australia/ USA/ UK by sea and air
*Customs clearance in both China and Australia/ USA/ UK.
*Warehousing/ repacking/ labeling/fumigation in both China and Australia/ USA/ UK.
When you import products from China, we can provide warehousing and ship different products in one shipment from China to your door in Australia/USA/UK

 ? Question2: What is your shipping price?
Answer: Shipping price depending on your address in China and in Australia/ USA/ UK and how many products do you have.

 ? Question3: Do you have a minimum order when you ship from China to Australia/ USA/ UK?
Answer: No, we don’t have a minimum order . We can ship from 0.01kg to 10000000kgs. According to the quantity of your products, we will suggest different shipping way.

 ? Question4: What is our payment term?
Answer: For air shipment , as the transit time is very short, we would require advance payment. You can pay us after all products get into our Chinese warehouse in the airport and before cargo get onto airplane . For sea shipment, as the transit time is very long, you can pay us after cargo get onto vessel and before vessel arrive at destination port.

 ? Question5: What is our payment way?
Answer: You can pay us in USD to our company bank account, almost same way as you paid your Chinese supplier. You can also pay via paypal for small amount transfer.

 ? Question6: How can we trace the cargo?
Answer : For each shipment, we will have a unique tracking number. With this number, you can trace the cargo on website by yourself or contact DAKA’s Chinese and Australia/ USA/ UK team for any other inquiry.

 ? Question7: What is our cooperation procedure?
Answer :
1. Kindly provide your Australia/ USA/ UK company information including company name/address/telephone/ tax number. So that we can register in our system to create an account. We can also ship personal products and we are OK if you don’t have a company.
2. Kindly send us your Chinese factory information so that we can coordinate with them directly to pick up the cargo . If your factories can send products to our Chinese warehouse, we will send the warehouse entry notice to them.
3. Kindly send our contact information to your Chinese factory so that they can know we are your shipping agent.
4. We will then organize shipping from China to Australia/ UK/ USA and keep you updated of all the progess.