Door to door air shipping from China to AU

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To be exact, we have two ways of air shipping. One way is called by express like by DHL/Fedex etc. Another way is called by air with airline company.



To be exact, we have two ways of air shipping.  One way is called by express like by DHL/Fedex etc. Another way is called by air with airline company.

For example if you need to ship 1kg from China to Australia, it is impossible to book separate air shipping space directly with airline company. Normally we will ship the 1kg for our customers via our DHL or Fedex account.  Because we have larger quantity, so DHL or Fedex give better price to our company . That is why our customers find it cheaper to ship via us by express than the price they got from DHL/Fedex directly .

Normally when your cargo is less than 200kgs, we would like to suggest our customers to ship by express


By air with airline company is for larger shipments. When your cargo is more than 200kgs, it will be very expensive if you ship with DHL or Fedex. I would suggest to book shipping space with airline company directly. 

How we handle shipping by air with airline company


1. Booking space: We get cargo information from our customers and book air shipping space with airline company in advance.

2. Cargo entry: we will get the products to our Chinese airport warehouse.

3. Chinese customs clearance: We coordinate with your Chinese factory to make Chinese customs clearance.

4. Airplane departure: after we got Chinese customs release, the airport will coordinate with airline company to get the cargo onto airplane.

5. AU customs clearance: After airplane departure, DAKA coordinate with our Australian team to prepare for AU customs clearance.

6. AU inland delivery to door: After airplane arrive, DAKA’s AU team will pick up the cargo from airport and deliver to consignee’s door as per instruction from our customers. space

1. Booking space

2.cargo entry

2. Cargo entry

3.Chinese customs clearance

3. Chinese customs clearance

4.Airplane departure

4. Airplane departure

5.AU customs clearance

5. AU customs clearance

6.AU inland delivery to door

6. Delivery to door

AIR shipping time and cost

How long is for the transit time for air shipping from China to Australia ?
And how much is the price for air shipping from China to Australia?

The transit time will depend on which address in China and which address in Australia
The price is related how many products you need to ship.

To answer the above two question clearly, we need below information :

①. What is your Chinese factory address? (if you don’t have a detailed address, a rough city name is ok).

②. What is your Australian address with AU post code?

③. What are the products? (As we need to check if we can ship these products . Some products may container dangerous items which can be not shipped.)

④. Packaging information: How many packages and what is the total weight(kilograms) and volume(cubic meter)?

Would you like to fill below online form so that we can quote air shipping cost from China to AU for your kind reference ?

Few tips for air shipping

When we ship by air, we charge on actual weight and volume weight whichever is larger.  1CBM is equal to 200kgs.


For example,

A.  If your cargo is 50kgs and the volume is 0.1CBM ,   the volume weight is 0.1CBM*200KGS/CBM=20kgs. The chargeable weight is according to actual weight which is 50kgs

B.  If your cargo is  50kgs and the volume is 0.3CBM,  the volume weight is 0.3CBM*200KGS/CBM=60KGS . The chargeable weight is according to volume weight which is 60kgs


It is just like when you travel by air with a suitcase, the airport staff will not only calculate the weight of your luggage but also they will check the size

So when you ship by air, it is better to pack your products as much closely as possible.  For example if you want to ship clothes from China to Australia by air, I suggest you to let your factory pack the clothes very closely and press the air out when they pack. In this way we can save air shipping cost


Repack the products more closely in our warehouse to make the volume smaller to save shipping cost)

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